Hello my name is Wens and I am the founder of FiveBoroughDispatch. For as long as I could remember i’ve been a huge sports fan. Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Football you name it i’ve probably watched a game or 2. I have always wanted to make sports page but with the events taking place in the world recently i feel as if this would be the best time to start one to help put smiles on people’s faces and to do what i love which is discuss sports. The teams I will be covering are the New York Giants and the New York Knicks.

Hi my name is Julian, I am a graphic designer for FiveBoroughDispatch. You can find most of my edits/designs on Twitter @GreatWhiteKuz. We are looking to grow this as much as can so any kind of love would be appreciated. We hope you enjoy the great reads and maybe even the bad ones too.

Hi, my name is Marcin, I live in Poland and I’m a graphic designer for FiveBoroughDispatch. You may know me from my twitter account @Goldek16 where I do some edits, polls and give everyone my hottest basketball and football takes. Make sure to check out our site everyday because we post daily! Have a good day reader.

Hi my name is Jose, and I am the FiveBoroughDispatch All Sports writer. I post only what the people want and if anyone has any suggestions please contact me via Twitter at, @jd_5BD . Enjoy my writing pieces!

Sup im Matt and I write whatever, whenever. Big sports guy with a small brain, my sports IQ is higher than my actual IQ. Your reading about the next Woj over here you know. Big Yankee, Jets fan. I watch the NBA as a NBA fan but I suport LeBron so yeah. Also big wrestling guy and I watch it every week. You can find me on twitter at, @BanAltuve2020

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